Startup Guide Copenhagen

The 12 Startups Featured in Startup Guide Copenhagen

We kick off the Startup Guide Copenhagen launch week by announcing the 12 local startups featured in the book. Our selection process is thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the startups to be featured. Here is their elevator pitch for you:


“We’re the world’s first and only global bike rental platform. We enable you to find and unlock a bike using your phone. If you rent out your bike through the app, we can quadruple your profitability by equipping it with a smart lock.”


“We’re developing a new device for the improved treatment of the number one killer on the planet – cardiac arrest – and for the treatment of critical bleeding, such as military bleedings below the heart or pregnancy-related bleedings.“


“Zetland is a Danish-language digital newspaper for modern, curious people who want to understand the world around them. We only focus on important events and trends, and we always add context and perspective.“


“Sure is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that helps people find that perfect restaurant, bar or café via conversational search, curated by a community they trust and personalized to their liking. It enables businesses to connect with customers spoilt for choice.“


“We are radically changing science education by developing fully interactive advanced laboratory simulations. Using gamification elements such as an immersive 3D environment and storytelling, we allow students to learn science in a more engaging and fun way.“


“Our vision is to spread the use of digital currencies, which are safer and less expensive than traditional card payments. We make blockchain payments of digital currencies easily accessible for merchants and payment service providers, as well as individual consumers.“


Cook With a Local is a sharing economy community where you can find or host food or beverage events worldwide.”

8) CanopyLAB

“Before CanopyLAB, learning online was a lonely and boring experience. We’ve introduced individually-tailored mass learning, allowing each person to learn at the tempo, and in the fashion, that they prefer.”  


“We offer companies online employee scheduling software that’s simple to use and fast. By making it easy to schedule shifts and manage employee processes, it drastically reduces the time cost, resulting in less administration and significant salary savings.”

10) PLEO

“Pleo is a company spending solution. We have three value propositions: We are the most efficient tool to apply delegated spending in a business, we automate your processes, and then we help you drive an efficient and responsible expense culture.“


“Our mission is to create more trust for users and platforms in the sharing economy. We do that by enabling users to take their personal reputation across platforms by aggregating their reviews and the ratings that they give each other.”


“We want to solve the lack of affordable student housing in Denmark, using empty plots of land and mobile housing made from recycled shipping containers. We’ll make use of temporarily available spaces, moving the houses as the city develops.”

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