The Team

Sissel Hansen – Founder / CEO
Thomas Nymark Horsted – Co-Founder / COO
Jenna van Uden – Editor
Maurice Redmond – Art Director
Senay Boztas – Writer
Laurence Currie-Clark – Copyeditor
Daniela Carducci – Photo Editor
Sanjini Redmond – Illustrator
Joao Mira – Head of Sales and Marketing

The Company


Startup Everywhere is a creative content and self-publishing company and the mothership of Startup Guide. We develop, produce and distribute high quality content and tools to help you navigate in the local and global startup scene. Tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, founders, freelancers, startups, investors and enthusiasts, it is a place to find inspiration, advice, specific local information and access to a growing network.


How we make the Guides


To ensure an accurate and trustworthy guide every time, we team up with a local city partner, ideally an established organization with experience in the local startup scene. They conduct a general call out to the local community to nominate startups, co-working spaces, founders, incubators and established businesses through an online submission form. These submissions are narrowed down to the top fifty selected companies and individuals. The local advisory board then votes anonymously for the final selection to represent the range of industries and startup stories in the city.

The local team, in close collaboration with our editorial and design team in Berlin, then organize and conduct the interviews, photoshoots and research necessary, using local journalists and photographers. All content is then reviewed, edited and approved by the Startup Guide team in Berlin and Copenhagen HQ who are together responsible from then on through to design, layout and final print production.

  • Team up with local Community Partner
  • Public nomination call out
  • Local advisory board votes and final content is selected
  • Interviews and photoshoots are organized
  • Content is reviewed, edited and approved and the book is designed and printed